[Four layers of safety & waterproof & electric shockproof] The warm tabletop mat is made of protective film, waterproof leather, heating sheet, non-slip and heat insulation base plate. Waterproof PVC leather is safe to contact with water and can be cleaned by wiping. The switch has built-in overcurrent protection device to prevent electric shock.
[A great gift for your family or friends] Warm cushions for sleeping on the table, soles for your feet to heat your feet, roll over your knees, sit on a stool... Keep warm at all times to care for your body and help you survive the cold winter months. Great gifts for family or friends on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's, Fight Day. Mat size :78.7*33.0 cm.
[High quality] passed CE, FCC and RoHS certification. ▲ Note: Warm table mat is used all year round. When the switch is turned off, this is an ordinary mouse pad, suitable for summer use, winter can be heated. Do not place items that are easily damaged by high temperature, such as laptops and batteries. You can put a plush cloth and place the keyboard

Heating pad Heating mouse pad

Color: gray